Morris Gavin

Gavin Morris

Hub Manager HendriksLottum

Name:Gavin Morris
Date of birth:05 October 1995
Address:Steenuil 4, 5854HP , Nieuw-Bergen
Phone:+31 6 505 853 79
Hey There! My name is Gavin Morris, I am a fourth year student at the Arnhem Business School in Arnhem, Netherlands. I am currently a Hub Manager at Hendriks Lottum in Lottum.

Work Experience

June 2017 - present

Hub Manager ~ HendriksLottum

Hub Manager

During my Summer I was asked to help with the administration of a logistical hub in Lottum.
After several weeks of maintaining the administration I grew out to be the full time summer manager of the transport hub.


My tasks range from guiding domestic and international chauffeurs on the hub terrain to steering of Hub personnel and maintaining the necessary systems to organize the operational excellence of the hub.


After the season ended (Begin September) I was asked to stay on and help guide strategic decision making through in depth research which is currently ungoing.

October 2016 - January 2017

Contemporary Hotels

Intern Sales & Customer Experience

During my stay in Sydney, Australia I became the first intern for Contemporary Hotels.

Following my previous internship at Eden Luxuy Homes I was tasked with the Sales and Customer Experience department.
My tasks ranged from supporting clients in their luxury apartment or villa to the sales tasks of turning prospects into returning clients!


July 2016 - October 2016

B4Business – Eden Luxury Homes / Eden...

Intern Marketing, Sales & Business Development

During my Internship at B4Business in Sydney, Australia I was responsible for the Marketing, Sales and Business development of the International brand Eden Luxury Homes. Besides this I was also involved in the development of the brand Eden Holiday.


My activities for Eden Luxury Homes ranged from answering queries from potential clients regarding villa rental in Asia Pacific to guiding suppliers from the initial contact to viewings of their product to uploading their product on the Eden Luxury Homes website and at the end maintaining supplier relations during bookings processes.


Besides these main activities I was also responsible for maintaining the online sales platform used by Eden Luxury Homes to ensure that national and international agents have up-to-date information regarding the product portfolio.


The main task for my job at Eden Holiday was to develop the “Greek” portfolio. I was responsible for finding, contacting and maintaining relationships with villa owners and agents in the Greek islands of Mykonos, Paros, Corfu, Rhodes and Santorini.


As the brand was at its initial development stage I was not able to have the same activities as I had in Eden Luxury Homes for client contact. However if agents and/or clients were interested in the Greek Portfolio then I would also have been the main contact for the booking request in the same capacity as Eden Luxury Homes.


During my Internship I learned a lot about national and international business development as my main development area for Eden Luxury Homes was Sydney, which is where the headquarters of B4Business is, and my efforts to develop the Greek Portfolio.


As the company I worked for was owned and operated by French owners and the majority of the employees were French I learned a lot about the French business culture and thanks to my role in the development of the Greek Portfolio I have also learned about the Greek culture during correspondence and Skype with Greek owners.


November 2015 - May 2016

Webhelp Call Centre Agent

Project Vodafone

I served the position of call centre agent for Webhelp Netherlands on the project Vodafone.
In this position I was responsible for incoming Vodafone calls.

This position taught me that listening is just not enough, you need to truly understand people in order to help them.

September 2015 - October 2015

PETS International

Administrative Employee

For a brief period I worked for PETS International.

The activities include semi-cold outbound calling, database entry and outstanding credit management.

June 2011 - September 2015


Paper Boy

My career started as a paper boy where for four years I delivered newspapers in the morning.

The job doesn’t hold a glamorous title, but it has made me more disciplined and has also taught me to persevere and that setbacks such as rain, snow or ice are irrelevant, After all. The job has to be done.


January 2017 - June 2017

University of Economics ~ Prague

International Exchange Student - Finance & Economics

My exchange program at the University of Economics in Prague (VSE Praha) was a great cultural adventure.

Besides getting to learn more and more cultures and expanding my network with new international students from all over the world I also learned a lot from my courses.
The courses I chose to follow were oriented towards Finance, Economics and Conflict Resolution, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of the courses and enjoyed learning about Hedging, Intenational Conflict Resolution, Complex Macroeconomic influences on financial markets (Bonds, Yields, Stocks etc).

September 2013 - present

Arnhem Business School

International Business and Management Studies

Currently I am in the second year of my study International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) at the Arnhem Business School.  During these 2 years i have completed 4 semesters with corresponding projects.


Starting in the first semester with a business plan(BSP), where i was responsible for the financial plan of a fictional start up company. This project gave me an insight in the requirements and theoretical necessities of a company.


The first year ended with an Operational Plan (OPL). In this project i was the project leader where my tasks were to oversee the development of a strategy that would turn a company on the edge of bankruptcy into a profitable company once more.  I really enjoyed this position as it taught me that it is very easy for a group member to disagree or refuse work, but as a project leader it can be a nightmare.


The third semester consisted of weekly report writing about various topics. Officially this was our project for the term although there was no real continuing company or goal. Topics discussed included outsourcing options, internationalization steps, market entry strategies and ERP implementations and the change management required for it. Besides these few topics there were more topics fitting the marketing and finance essence of the study.


The final project consisted of a research project. This project was a project for a real life company that had hired the Arnhem Business School and we, as the students, had to write a report. This report was for a Dutch company called Feijen SP bv. The question formed by the owner and our team was to investigate possible options for internationalization. In this project I had the role of “Treasurer”. In this role I managed all financial transaction required to turn the project into a success. Besides this role i was also heavily involved in the primary and secondary research that was conducted.

September 2008 - July 2013

Elzendaal College


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